The Infinite Ammo podcast features in-depth conversations with independent game developers.
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  • Episode 29: Katie De Sousa

    Concept artist Katie De Sousa on creating League of Legends' Jinx and moving on from Riot Games. MP3 Download

  • Episode 28: Garret Randell

    Alec talks to Parkitect developer Garret Randell. MP3 Download

  • Episode 27: Luciana Nascimento

    Brazilian indie game artist Luciana Nascimento discusses work, life and brexit. MP3 Download

  • Episode 26: Ian Holowka

    Alec talks to Riot Games developer Ian Holowka. MP3 Download

  • Episode 25: Pedro and Amora

    Alec talks to indie game artists Pedro and Amora, who are visiting IndieHouse all the way from Brazil. Matt Thorson and Noel Berry make guest appearances. MP3 Download

  • Episode 24: Night in the Woods

    End of Kickstarter Early Thanksgiving Specatular! Join Alec and Scott at a bonfire in the woods as they answer questions and discuss the meaning of life with the help of some special guests. MP3 Download

  • Episode 23: Scott Benson

    Alec talks to legendary animator Scott Benson about their new game: Night in the Woods. MP3 Download

  • Episode 22: Jake Birkett

    Chat with Jake Birkett, founder of Full Indie Vancouver and a casual games developer. MP3 Download

  • Episode 21: Adam Saltsman

    Third Anniversary of the podcast with the first guest: Adam Saltsman. MP3 Download

  • Episode 20: Kayla Kinnunen

    Chat with Kayla Kinnunen, a game producer/designer and roller derby skater from Vancouver. MP3 Download

  • Episode 19: Greg Lobanov

    Chat with Greg Lobanov, a 20 year old indie game developer from Philly. MP3 Download

  • Episode 18: Sara Gross

    Chat with indie game artist and designer, Sara Gross. MP3 Download

  • Episode 17: Shane Neville, Nick Waanders, Jesse Turner

    Chat with the developers of Shellrazer. MP3 Download

  • Episode 16: Calvin French

    Chat with indie game dev Calvin French, developer of The Real Texas. MP3 Download

  • Episode 15: IndieHouse Arizona

    Chat with indie game devs Steve Swink, Erin Robinson, Kyle Pulver and Corey Nolan who all live together in a house in Arizona. MP3 Download

  • Episode 14: Colin Northway

    Chat with Colin Northway, developer of Fantastic Contraption and the upcoming Indcredipede. MP3 Download

  • Episode 13: Fat Wizard

    Chat with Chevy Ray Johnston and Matt Thorson, creators of Fat Wizard. MP3 Download

  • Episode 12: Tom Grochowiak

    Chat with Tom Grochoawiak, the man behind MoaCube, Cinders and ArcMagi. MP3 Download

  • Episode 11: Intermission

    The Space Between. MP3 Download

  • Episode 10: Chris Van Yperen

    Chris works both as an indie developer and in the mainstream game industry. How does he avoid going insane? MP3 Download

  • Episode 9: Andy Moore

    What are the secrets behind tuning Steambirds? Can online communities work for good? Is beer fun? MP3 Download

  • Episode 8: John Graham

    John and Alec discuss the Humble Indie Bundle and more... MP3 Download

  • Episode 7: Derek Yu

    On the 3rd Anniversary, Alec talks to Derek Yu about Spelunky and more... MP3 Download

  • Episode 6: Matt Thorson

    Features Matt Thorson, developer of An Untitled Story and Give Up Robot 2 MP3 Download

  • Episode 5: Kyle Pulver

    Conversation with Kyle Pulver, developer of Bonesaw, Verge, Depict1 and the upcoming Snapshot MP3 Download

  • Episode 4: Chevy Ray

    Conversation with Chevy Ray, game developer and grotesque optimist MP3 Download

  • Episode 3: Jeff Lindsay

    Conversation with Jeff Lindsay, web developer, community organizer and hacker... MP3 Download

  • Episode 2: Edmund McMillen

    Conversation with Edmund McMillen, prolific developer of Super Meat Boy and many other games... MP3 Download

  • Episode 1: Adam Saltsman

    Conversation with Adam Saltsman, indie game developer of Canabalt. MP3 Download