Why do I play video games

Why Do I Play Video Games?

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I had to wake my girlfriend up in the middle of the night one day to give her lectures on why I am a gamer. This resulted from the huge roll we had the day before – she just hates it when I sit at my gaming throne, plug in and forget her and the rest of the wailing world.

The evolution of games brief overview

The Evolution of Games: Brief Overview

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We cannot tell the story of the human earthly walk completely without involving one form of fun relaxation or the other. We get bored sometimes and resort to playing games to soothe our stung nerves most times. No, I am not talking about physical games. This article is about video/electronic games.

Simulation games everything you need to know

Simulation Games: Everything You Need to Know

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There are situations that you might not live long enough to learn from your experience. Situations like flying an airplane, performing critical surgery, on the battlefield and a host of others. To teach students critical skills in these terrains, highly immersive simulation games are deployed.

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.
– Albert Einstein.

Electronic games now and the future

Electronic Games: Now and the Future

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The speed at which electronic games have developed for the past 50 years is astounding! From their very humble beginnings in the lightless laboratories of a mathematical mind, they refused to be held bound by time and moved from the motherboard of computers to the circuit board of handheld devices. Not satisfied, they invaded our privacy even further by taking over our TVs in form of consoles. Here now, they have evolved yet again. In this article, I want to walk you through the innovations/inventions there are in the gaming world now and let you a teleported view into the future.

Best console games 2018

Best Console Games 2018

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As our fingerprints are different, so are our wants, needs, desires, dislikes, and likes. Hence, the popular saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Games are no different. However, here now, in this article, I have tried to coagulate our divergent views into one wholesome meal in form of the best console games of 2018. Check it out!