Best Console Games 2018

Best console games 2018

As our fingerprints are different, so are our wants, needs, desires, dislikes, and likes. Hence, the popular saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Games are no different. However, here now, in this article, I have tried to coagulate our divergent views into one wholesome meal in form of the best console games of 2018. Check it out!

FIFA 19 (PS4, X-Box 1, PC and Switch)

Yes, I am a sucker for soccer; hence, we start with the FIFA 19. The fight has been on for a long time, between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA on who is master at porting the adrenaline thumbing game of football from pitch to pixels. FIFA19 edges a narrow lead with loads of competitions and trophies licensed clubs and players, immersive graphics, multiplayer modes (on and offline) and more recently, the gung-ho arena known as No Rule Mode. Here, all rules are docked. Just the players, pitch and goalposts. Break a leg if you may, however, you can, smash the ball into the net! Goal! What a sublime piece of magical perfection! He drilled that in with the precision of a dedicated demon.

Red Dead Redemption (PES/X-BOX)

This game is the real simulation deal! Your tactical, relational, exploratory, hunting abilities are placed under the analyzing lens of the underlying programs. You are faced with real-life choices and whatever lane you chose has consequences. If you love games with high graphics and great storyline, this is the best for you.

Spiderman (PES)

If you can take up a superhero avatar in the gaming world, what other better way to do it than the latest Spiderman? Spill your web, fly on air as you swing from building to building, surmounting challenges in your way, save the world. You are Spiderman!

God of War (PES)

If you like epic movies, this game is for you! It has a detailed deft touch of storytelling all wrapped up in an action-packed stages. Its immersive envelope is the best as you wear the armor of a god, blessed with a massive smashing hammer.

Finally, there are other games worth checking out. From Dead Cell to Call of Duty, from Mario Tetris Aces to Far Cry 5 and a host of others. One thread runs through them all – your superlative entertainment. Do not forget to keep your looks out in the month of November; many massive games are coming through.